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Titans Return – Transformers Generations Hardhead and Blurr

Transformers Generations Hardhead
Photo-A-Day #4276

I have been a fan of Transformers since I was 10 years old. I’ve got 32 years invested in this franchise. From the toys to the cartoons to the movies and comic books I have been in very deep. During that very first Christmas that Transformers were on the scene my grandparents, parents and great uncle got me a bunch of them. Going into Christmas I already had Optimus Prime and Wheeljack. When Christmas came I had a huge collection. I stayed up all night learning how to transform each one blindfolded, putting on stickers them and setting them all up on display. I love these characters so much.

This Christmas I picked up two Transformers figures that were based on characters from my early days as a fan. I collected the comic books, especially the Headmasters series. This was a four issue mini series about some Transformers crashing on a planet and the inhabitants of the planet became binary bonded to the Transformers as either their heads or their weapons. These new figures look amazing and have great transformations plus they have detachable heads that become robots as well. These are based on the original Headmasters figures from the 80’s I picked up Blurr (not originally a Headmaster) and Hardhead (was a Headmaster) for Christmas.

Unboxing Transformers Generations Sergeant Kup

Transformers Generations Sergeant Kup
Photo-A-Day #3963

When the lights went out at home today I was in the basement searching for a Transformer to unbox. Then they came back on quickly and back off again. So we went early to the Spaghetti Supper fundraiser for Triboro Youth Theater. It was a bit sparse as far as people there but we had a great time. The kids were very well behaved even when I told them to take one dessert.

As far as today’s Transformer I was excited to find this other Sergeant Kup. The cool thing is that this was a Generations Kup instead of the Transformers Prime Sergeant Kup that I reviewed earlier this year. This one looks like Kup from 1986’s Transformers The Movie. The transformation is pretty simple and when all is said and done he is tall, looks cool in both vehicle and robot mode. Here is my full video below.