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An Indoor #PlayLikeHasbro Day

Photo-A-Day #3702

We really thought that today was going to be a great day to play indoors. It was supposed to rain but it didn’t. When it rains we try and enjoy playing with all of our Rescue Bots and other today. I’ve bought a ton of these toys for the kids ever since they started being released. Eva’s first Transformer was an Optimus Prime from the Rescue Bots. Now, Andrew is getting into the show and he enjoys playing with the toys.

We received a couple of Rescue Bots from the #PlayLikeHasbro program that I am a part of. We received a Chase Rescue bot and a One-Step Changer from the new Transformers Robots in Disguise show. We received Grimlock. Both of these toys are great additions to our ever growing collection of toys and playsets. Check out photos of these new toys below. All Opinions at 100% our own. Continue reading An Indoor #PlayLikeHasbro Day

Rescue Bots Salvage and New Boulder

Photo-A-Day #3609

Right before I went to Toy Fair 2015 I was shopping with Andrew and saw that there were new Rescue Bots on the shelves. I pick up all things Rescue Bots because they are the gateway to my children loving Transformers as much as I do. I hope. Eva’s very first Transformer was an Optimus Prime Rescue Bot. Now Andrew is getting interested in Rescue Bots and I am all about encouraging that interest.

I saw a bunch more new figures and playsets coming out for Rescue Bots and can’t wait to share them with the kids. I think that they are going to go wild for them.