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Review: #TransformersToys Flip & Change Grimlock

Transformers Flip & Change Grimlock in Package

I received a box of Transformers toys from the most recent movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction to play with and review. Opinions of them and the movie are 100% my own.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the Transformers: Age of Extinction movie was the inclusion of the Dinobots. The Dinobots have been fan favorite characters for a very long time and many people wanted to see them in the movies. They have finally arrived in a big way. Although they are not in the whole movie and there are certain ways in which they could have been better the introduction of these massive warriors was welcome. It is certainly great to see more Dinobots toys on the shelves again.

I have all of the original figures and many that came after that. The Transformers Animated ones were very good and there were others done in the Generation 1 colors. For the current incarnations they are more colorful and really nice designs. They have a more organic feel to them and also the look of knights, which makes sense on both points, when you watch the movie. The toys colors however are different than the movie colors. The Dinobots in the movie have a more metallic shiny look to them and do not show as much color. The toys however have plenty of color like the Grimlock toys. Continue reading Review: #TransformersToys Flip & Change Grimlock

Review: #TransformersToys One-Step Changers Autobot Hound

One-Step changers Autobot Hound in the Package

We received a large box of fun Transformers: Age of Extinction Movie toys. Opinions of those toys and the movie are 100% my own.

Hound was one of the better characters in the new Transformers: Age of Extinction movie. The toy version is called Autobot Hound because like many of the G1 characters the names weren’t protected and now they have to be called Autobot …. I’ll just call him Hound from here on out since that’s what anyone who plays with the toy is gonna call him. Hound got a major upgrade from his G1 days. He used to be a scout army Jeep who could project holograms to fool the enemy. This Hound projects thousands of rounds of ammunition. He’s the heavy artillery for the Autobots, everything you can think of he is carrying including a large caliber bullet that he chomps on like a cigar all through the movie. Continue reading Review: #TransformersToys One-Step Changers Autobot Hound