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New Work(Out) Space

Photo-A-Day #2716

My treadmill arrived today. It was scheduled from 7:45am-9:45am for deliver and the truck pulled up at 7:36am. I’m so impressed with the promptness of Sears and Bob’s Stores. Both times I’ve received my ordered items just before my window, it has been great! What is better is that the treadmill that I ordered actually fit down the stairs. Two guys brought it in and they had it set up and running in about fifteen minutes. It was then time for me to build my TrekDesk. Continue reading New Work(Out) Space

You Can’t Put a Four Quart Enema in a Two Quart Cat

Photo-A-Day #2712

When I was in college there was a comedian who had a bit about his sick cat. In an effort to save money when his cat was sick and needed an enema he tried to do it himself. Unfortunately he had a four quart enema bag and a two quart cat. You can get one into the other but it is not going to be pretty and everyone involved is going to be upset. That’s pretty much what happened with the treadmill delivery attempt today. Which explains the empty basement where my new TrekDesk Treadmill Desk setup should be. Continue reading You Can’t Put a Four Quart Enema in a Two Quart Cat