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YesVideo Photo-A-Day Challenge – Day 12 – Decoration

Photo-A-Day #2744

On my desk I have tons of little toys that are basically decorations. Got a little Nano Speed firetruck and an Orc from the MegaBloks World of Warcraft series.

I really wanted to shoot a photo of my neighbor’s house because that is when decorations go bad. Two of the three porches look like a vomit combination of American, Army and Halloween threw up with about fifteen Satellite dishes, old fridges and more. It is horrendous but I don’t want to get caught photographing it and cause anything between me and the neighbors. I’d have to walk across the street from it to take the photograph. Continue reading YesVideo Photo-A-Day Challenge – Day 12 – Decoration

Itching for the Open Road

Photo-A-Day #2728

This morning after dropping Eva at school I picked up my Dad to bring him to get his motorcycle. I took this photo of his helmet on the trunk of my car with a line of motorcycles in the background. I couldn’t see the photo in the bright light of day but when I got home I saw it and then brought it into Instagram and pumped up the contrast and then pulled it into Over to add the words. Every time I go to a motorcycle shop I start to miss my motorcycle. I really miss it around this time of year because it was my favorite time to ride. I love the Fall and I loved riding around North Attleboro, Wrentham and Plainville by the farms and the Diamond Hill Reservoir. Continue reading Itching for the Open Road