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Happy Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017
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This year’s Halloween plans were much the same as last year’s. Eventually. I had booked us a fun family trip that would have been a really different sort of Halloween experience but that fell through. I was bummed out, but at least the kids did not know about it and I’ve already rescheduled for after the first of the year. It feels like I’ve been doing nothing but scheduling and rescheduling things lately. I’ve got things coming in the weeks ahead but nothing yet to reveal. But it is good.

As far as Halloween night, we had a great time trick or treating with our friends. This year, however, we picked up some pizza and ate there before going out in their neighborhood searching for candy. The kids came home with a right proper haul of sugar in various forms. We had our moments with the kids and safety but for the most part they were very well behaved. We were actually back around 8pm and got everyone to bed at almost their normal time. Not too many pieces of candy before bed either, and I include myself in that.

Andrew was a fireman and Eva was Belle but she was also a student at Hogwarts and had her own hand made outfit on over her Belle dress.

Happy Halloween 2013

Photo-A-Day #3128

Today was Halloween. Eva was very excited because she got to wear her costume to school for a nice little Halloween Party. We saw later on the school’s Facebook page that there was a photo of the kids in their costumes and Eva was right there front and center in the shot. She was so excited about her costume and couldn’t wait to wear it. She went as a witch. A good witch.

After school we went over to my parent’s house so that Eva and Andrew could show off their costumes and also so that Eva could visit with my Mom and sister. Eva had given them instructions on how to dress up for Halloween and they were in costume for her. I’m not allowed to post the photos, though.

Andrew refused to put on any costume that we had for him, dinosaur… no, police officer… no he wouldn’t even put on the waitress outfit that he likes wearing from time to time. So, Allison put on his Red Sox Sweat Shirt and painted on a beard and he was totally happy to go like that. He was a big hit with my parents and all around the neighborhood, too. Continue reading Happy Halloween 2013