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Let’s Go Adventuring Pete!

Photo-A-Day #2193

Today Eva and I played out in the yard during the afternoon. I set up a bunch of her new Backyard Safari Outfitters equipment (For a review and giveaway coming tomorrow). I’ve had these items for a while now, just waiting for the first really nice dry day so that we could play in the BACK Yard. Nope, Eva wanted the Front yard. I got more than a few strange looks but I didn’t care, Eva was having a really fun time being an explorer, scientist and of course Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl. She even had a little Nancy Drew Thrown in for good measure. Continue reading Let’s Go Adventuring Pete!

Setting up sites

Setting up sites
Photo-A-Day #1474

Still taking a few shots with my aperture wide open in aperture mode. I took a ton of shots of Duncan without a tripod and as I took more and more I realized that I have way too much camera shake. I think more and more about getting a new lens. Still thinking about it.

My sister had me set up a new site today for the Friends of North Attleboro Animal Shelter. It isn’t ready for prime time yet but soon. And I’m also working on revamping the Ten Mile River Watershed council but I need to make some more changes to make that work.