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Our GMC Sierra Denali Experience

For the first week of June our family was able to test out a GMC Sierra Denali for free. Opinions of the experience and the vehicle are 100% our own.

Just Look at that Shiny GMC Grille
So new, so shiny, so black. I can’t wait to drive this.

When the GMC Sierra Denali arrived on Monday morning I was thrilled to see that it was black. That is my favorite color for a car or truck. The guys dropping it off went over a few things with me and told me that it was a diesel engine. I’m glad that they did because I had no idea and I wouldn’t have wanted to put in the wrong gas. I didn’t have to worry though because even through I drove the truck for every errand for a whole week plus two trips back and forth to work I still only managed to use 3/4 of a tank.

Rainy Day, nature's car wash
Finally got the powder coat of pollen off the GMC Sierra Denali with nature’s car wash, rain.

This was a good sized truck that took up over half of our tiny driveway. I had to park my car on the side yard for the week. I had attempted to clean out the garage before the truck got here so I could park my car there, but I needed the GMC Sierra Denali to help with the cleanup. Continue reading Our GMC Sierra Denali Experience

Riding High in the GMC Sierra Denali

Photo-A-Day #2978

I was given the chance to test drive a GMC Sierra Denali for a week and tell you what I think of it. Opinions are 100% my own.

I got home from work today and caught a couple of hours of sleep before the GMC Sierra Denali was dropped off at the house. I was very excited to get the delivery of the truck. I’ve been looking forward to driving this truck for a while. It is always fun to try out a new vehicle for a week and see what you like about it. It is certainly much more useful to learning about the vehicle than just a simple test drive.

Eva's Excited

The truck arrived before Eva got out of school so she was super excited when I rolled up in “Ironhide!” I love that she knows her Transformers even if it was the movie version. Actually the movie version of the character is a GMC Topkick and is way more Heavy Duty than the Sierra Denali. I tend to think of this version of the vehicle Ironhide’s civilian clothes.

I’ll be telling you more about the truck as the week progresses.