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SuperChargers Twinkies

Photo-A-Day #3814

Twinkie Skylanders Cars

Yesterday I took Andrew on a trip to New York for a Skylanders SuperChargers event. We had an amazing time and while at the event he got to make a Skylanders car using a Twinkie. So, in order for Eva to share in the fun I bought some Twinkies and some Devil Dogs for the kids to use to make cars. I also picked up Oreos and pretzel sticks for wheels and axles. The kids and I made the cars. Both kids stayed away from the Twinkies because one of Allison’s friends has had one on his desk for 4 years and it hasn’t gone bad or gotten moldy or anything. That grossed Eva out and she refused to try one. But I still made a SuperChargers Twinkie car. I ate a small bite of it. Continue reading SuperChargers Twinkies

Twinkies are Back, Nobody Told Me

Photo-A-Day #3038

On those days when I haven’t taken a photo of anything, usually the weekends, I look around the office for something to shoot. For the past couple of weeks there has been a desk with 5 Twinkies on it. Back in November Twinkies disappeared from store shelves all over because Hostess went bankrupt. I personally haven’t eaten a Twinkie in years but when they were going away I completely missed the chance to snag one to eat. So now I walk by that desk and am so tempted to eat one.

They are back in stores and as my temptation grows I think about buying one to see how the new ones taste. Apparently, they are smaller in size, cost more and have a longer shelf life. But do they taste the same?