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Loving the Sunshine

Loving the Sunshine
Photo-A-Day #1571

I’m really enjoying the sunshine around here lately. Not a fan of the mugginess though.

For some reason Tweetdeck on my laptop is not working correctly. Something happened to it today and the next thing you know my Tweetdeck just completely stops working. I realize how much I have become dependent upon Tweetdeck to filter the information coming to me through Twitter. I switched back to TwitterFox and it was pretty much just noise. Trying to use Twitter effectively really requires a program like TwitterFox.

To try and fix this I uninstalled Adobe Air and also uninstalled Tweetdeck. I reinstalled both but no luck. I cannot click on settings on Tweetdeck or do anything to set up my accounts again. I don’t know what I should do to fix this.

Pajama Jammie Jam

I think there was a House Party movie with that subtitle. I think it was the 3rd one. Anyway. I just got a message from Blog World Expo. You know, that giant blogging convention I am going to attend next weekend. Anyway, there were a couple of cool announcements.

1. – The Party the first night is a Pajama party sponsored by the folks from Pajamas Media. I’m going to have to make sure I pick up some new PJs for the event. I wonder what I can find. I hadn’t realized this. I need to find out more about the conference and make sure I am in the know.

2. – Utterz is the official mobile blogging platform for Blog World Expo. I just signed up today and added it to all of my blogs, twitter, facebook and myspace. It is on the sidebar of all of the blogs and when I post an Utter it goes right to Twitter. So if you are already following anywhere there is nothing new you need to do.

You can to a bunch of things with Utterz. You can send audio and then an image or an image and then audio and they will mash up together. You can even send video and have that mashed as well. You can call in and listen to Utterz from the people that you follow, you can comment on other people’s Utterz and so much more.

3. – You can follow the Blog America Tour, Ted, Travis and Ashley from IZEA are in an SUV driving cross country to Blog World Expo and more importantly PostieCon. You can follow them and their journey on Twitter!

3a – I installed TwitterFox to Firefox. It is a great add on to Firefox so I can monitor twitter easily. Comes in handy watching the Blog America Tour guys.

4. – Found a new site called Blogging Zoom. It is like Digg but is specifically for Blogs. It is brand new. I submitted two posts to it. Come and vote a Zoom for me.

Here are two posts I submitted. Check them out and give me a zoom if you would like.

What is in a name… IZEA ?… | The BenSpark

Wireless Photo Uploads

5. – The New Design for Read To Me, Dad is taking shape. I like what I am seeing so far. It is going to be awesome.