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Annual Christmas Shopping with Uncle Jim and Dinner at Mac and Walt’s

At Mac and Walts
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For the past couple of years I have been fortunate to be home to get to go on the annual Christmas shopping trip with Uncle Jim, Allison and the kids. Uncle Jim comes into town and does his Christmas and birthday shopping for his Great-Nieces and Nephews. For a few years I have not been able to go because the trip would be on a weekend. Luckily, this year and last it was during the week and I could go along.

We went to Kohls over at Mansfield Crossing. This is a good place because it has so many things in one location. They also do some decent toy packages. The prices are marked up but then they are on crazy sales so it ends up working out okay. The kids picked out a birthday and a Christmas gift each and then one that they could share. This year the sharing gift was some Rose Art Color Blanks of animals with designs, sort of like the Mexican spirit animals from Coco. They both loved Coco so this was a natural fit for them. They even agreed on how best to divy up the animals in the package.

After our shopping we took Jim over to Mac and Walt’s for dinner. He took us out but we picked the place. It was excellent as always. We do love going there and even introduced Jim to fried pickles, a favorite of ours.

Fitzy is on the Move

Photo-A-Day #2447

We have an Elf on the Shelf. We got it last year and his name is Fitzy. Fitzy has been all over the new house. He has hung from the chandeliers, sat on shelves, sat in cups and even sat on top of Andrew’s Christmas tree. Eva is delighted with the Elf on a Shelf and she often asks us where he might appear the next day. We’re having fun moving Fitzy around however we often have moments where we’ve gone to bed and forgotten about moving the little guy. Continue reading Fitzy is on the Move