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I Need a Nap

I Need a Nap
Photo-A-Day #1421

That statement is not just a song by Weird Al and Kate Winslet (really it is sung by them and is on the Dog Train CD by Sandra Boynton). Today I was very busy at work. I started my day with a trip to the gym, 3rd one this week! Then I had a very long demo to observe, that ran into my next meeting which was a good meeting but there is now so much to do. I am coordinating a presentation that is open to the entire company. This is a high profile project, no more flying below the radar. Gotta put on the big boy pants now.

Today I did try my second can of BluFrog Energy drink. My earlier comments about taste aside I am pretty jazzed about this drink. I enjoyed my second can and it helped me big time to stay wide awake during a 3 hour demo. I was crazy productive to. I wrote a legal pad page size list of action items for the project for work as well as for the blog. I am so excited about my new theme that I have some awesome ideas for the site relaunch. I need to put wheels in motion though because much work needs to be done and I need to be ready when the theme goes live. I do not have a live date yet so all the more reason to do my back end work now.

Speaking of blog work, I have a bunch of interesting things going on in the coming month, there is going to be a Photography contest that will be open to the US and Canada, however for the top prize you have to be in Boston on the weekend of April 18 & 19 as the prize will be a two day pass to Digital Days in Boston. I will have other prizes as well. This will be a big photography contest and should launch during next week.

I installed two new plug ins today. I installed the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plug in and even signed up to be an affiliate. I signed up through Darren Rowse because the cost of the plug in was $30 off. I figure that if I am going to get serious about earning some additional income on this blog I need to pay for some proper tools.

In conjunction with that particular plug in I also choose to install the Unique Blog Design plug in called the UBD Block Ad, I learned about it from Life of Justin. I can’t quite get it to work right however, there are supposed to be two columns but I can only seem to get one column. Nate Whitehill from Unique Blog Designs has been great helping me out and offering suggestions. I ended up signing up as an affiliate for them too. I have a blog that was designed by those guys and I love the design. They designed Read To Me, Dad after I won a contest. They were awesome to work with.

On my action item list I put down test out my PoGo. I will try that out tonight. I have a bunch of ZINK Media that is for Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs but I will use one pack of 10 to do some testing.

Because ZINK.com supplied me with a couple of PoGo units I was able to return the one I bought and use that money with the rest of the money from my Bonus mad money to purchase a Flip HD. I can’t wait for that to arrive. I am excited to see how the Flip HD works, I have heard so many great things about it.

My Interview with Unique Blog Designs

I am a big fan of Unique Blog Designs, these guys are awesome. I got a free custom blog design from them in a contest last year for my blog Read To Me, Dad. For me that design made all the difference with that blog. It is colorful, functional and makes we want to blog there much more. I stopped by and talked with Matt about Unique Blog Designs and what they were up too now and in the future.