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The Revengers Auto Club is Complete

Revengers Cars
Photo-A-Day #4620

The other day I was at Target and I finally found the remaining Thor Ragnarok Hot Wheels character cars. I had been searching all over for Valkyrie and Hulk. I had found Thor and Loki early on, but continued to keep my eyes open for Hulk and Valkyrie. I’m pretty sure that I’ve found every car out there for the Hot Wheels Marvel character cars except for Doctor Strange (Which I only saw in a specialty store for marked up prices), Iron Fist and Mantis. So, I should be good until the Black Panther cars come out in a few months.

The Revengers Funko Pops – #ThorRagnarokEvent

Thor Ragnarok Pops
Photo-A-Day #4582

I love Funko Pops. I was going to cut back on my collecting and then the Thor: Ragnarok trip came up. So I picked up a few of the Pops before the trip. Then when I was on the trip I received a couple more. I found a few more when I returned home and even got the Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Collector Corps Box. Now I’ve got nearly all of them. There are a couple more for me to find but I think I’m going to go back to trying to slow down on the Pop collecting. That is after my Korg Pop arrives from amazon.com.

If you want to get your hands on these cool Pops then you should check out the contest I am participating in. Huge Thor: Ragnarok Giveaway!

Or, if you’d rather buy them then please get them through my Amazon.com links below.