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Lunchtime LEGO Building of the Voltron Lions

Studio open

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00448

My studio is open for making videos. I have decided that I will be livestreaming my LEGO builds each day at noon. This week I am building the VOLTRON LEGO Ideas set. This came out a while back but I didn’t get it right away. I finally did but it with Christmas money and it has been sitting in the office. So, since we are all home with the pandemic happening I figure that I’d like to spread a little LEGO joy each day as I build this set. I have done one day so far and that was of the Left leg of Voltron or rather the Yellow Lion, Hunk’s Lion. Building this made be remember the time when I was on the DreamWorks Animation Studios Lot as a guest of Netflix. I got to meet the cast of the show and interview them. I even got to do some voiceover in a real recording studio! It was a very fun time.

Missing Voltron

Voltron Pop
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00278

Voltron: Legendary Defender was one of my favorite shows a couple of years ago. I wish that it was still running because there has to still be stories to tell. It had an amazing cast of talented actors. It was a show that I could share with the kids and we’d all enjoy watching. I collected a ton of Voltron things and I never got this large Funko Pop figure. I noticed it on someone’s desk at work and it is pretty sweet. Not that I need any other toys but I may look for this one.