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Family Walk at the Park

Photo-A-Day #2313

Our new home is now a couple of blocks from this wonderful park. We’ve been coming to Capron Park together for a long time. We love the zoo, the big field where you can fly a kite and the great walking trails. After dinner we decided to take a walk over to the park. I hope that we make this a regular thing. It was nice to get out for a little walk.

Cows in the Morning, Ice Cream at Night

Photo-A-Day #1883

Each morning that I go for a run around 5:00am I see the cows out in the pasture. When I go by later in the day they are gone. I always kick myself for not having my camera with me when I run (very impractical, I’m already lugging around enough weight). Today I decided to get up early and go to work by way of the pasture and stop and take some photos. I will try and get them another time earlier in the morning. They were mostly huddled in the corner of the pasture. Continue reading Cows in the Morning, Ice Cream at Night