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A Hot One at West Palm Zoo

Photo-A-Day #2993

This photo is over a year later than the last one we took of Eva in the old truck. Check out our visit last year to West Palm Beach Zoo.

Since we have the membership to Capron Park Zoo we get some special admission prices at zoos all over the country. At the West Palm Beach Zoo we get half off for each of us so we go on each trip to Florida. Today we went with Grandpa Dano. We started with a few rides around the carousel for Eva. For a Carousel that is full of so many beautiful animal options like, sea dragon and hummingbird, Eva goes for the horse, on the inside. She was the only kid on the thing and so photos the first ride weren’t that great. For the second trip around I convinced her to move to the outside and she found the one horse on the outside to sit on. Continue reading A Hot One at West Palm Zoo

Beach Day with Grandpa Dano

Photo-A-Day #2990

On vacation today we went to Del Ray Beach with Grandpa Dano. We went after 3pm because the sun was way too hot for us to spend the whole day at the beach. I personally don’t like spending the entire day at the beach anymore like I did when I was a kid. When I was a kid on Falmouth Heights Beach I would swim, snorkle, dig holes and goof around with my friends. The days never seemed long enough. Now, while I still enjoy the beach, I just can’t take the sun for that long a stretch. So we go later in the day and enjoy the late afternoon sun and the warmer water. Continue reading Beach Day with Grandpa Dano