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A real post…

I know I haven’t put up a ‘real’ post in a while. I’ve been busy putting up brief recaps and the Photo-A-Day and have neglected putting up ‘real’ posts about the fun and interesting things I’ve found on the internet.

Well I listen to WERS 88.9FM in the mornings because they play folk music and I really like how it is commercial free. I kept meaning to give them a donation last week during live music week. Anyway, there is a song out now by Antje Duvekot called Judas and it is such a good song. It is from her new album called Boys, Flowers, Miles, this is her newest album, she has many more. WERS 88.9FM plays Judas almost every morning and it doesn’t feel right not hearing it in the morning. Antje has a beautiful soulful voice and her songs are so great to listen to. I just saw that she is playing with one of our favorite singers, Ellis Paul, in North Andover MA. I’d love to go see the show.

Let’s see today I was introduced to the Bovine Blog. It is a blog written from a cows perspective and is funny. It also links to bovineunite.com. An underground cow movement. The website looks all Animal farm and stuff. There are some funny videos of people in cow suits.

How are you liking the Photo-A-Day project? I found out that instead of a mere 60 photos a month, Buzznet gives me 120 photos a month. So I started taking photos of my Harley Davidson Pin collection too. And adding little stories about how I got each one. If anyone is interested i getting their own Buzznet PhotoBlog for photos please e-mail me at abennett96 @ gmail . com. I want to invite you to be one of my Buzznet PhotoBlog friends.

Also I just discovered that I have an annoying habit. I know it is annoying because I actually realized that I do it. Have you ever realized that one of your quirks is really annoying, true story happened to me. I recently noticed that I laugh at my own jokes. I will say something that I think is funny and at the end I put a little, “uh, huh, huh” or something like that after it. Well, I am now aware of this and am working on controlling this involuntary behavior. I just can’t believe I’ve been doing it for so long, and no one has ever pointed it out to me, I found it on my own. Weird.

I’ve become very addicted to Runescape. Runescape is an online role playing game where you choose a character then immerse yourself in a fantasy world where you fight monsters and mine for ores and learn crafting and try to improve a number of different skills. There is a great resource for information about how to play Runescape athttp://www.tip.it.

Climbing up onto my pet peeve soapbox.

My friend Mo sent me a link to this article in the Union Leader from New Hampshire. There was a pellet gun shooting on the Campus of Saint Anselm. Apparently some Skateboarders were shot with a Pellet Gun. And a suspect is under investigation. Obviously I did not share the same outrage that Mo did. Here’s my take on it. I used to be a Resident Hall Director at Saint Anselm College. I would have to deal with students and non-students all the time. And one of the things that really ticked me off was the local kids coming onto campus and skateboarding all over the place. The world is not your Skate Park! I’m not saying shoot them with pellet guns, but I can see how someone who had a pellet gun might want to shoot these little pests. (Not that I am condoning someone having a pellet gun on campus. When I was a student one of my former roommates shot some girl in the leg with a pellet gun and it was a mean thing to do.)

However, the weather is getting better and they (our local unwashed mass of skateboarding pre-teens) are starting to hang out in front of our church again. This is where they jump their skateboards into the street. A danger here is that you cannot see very well coming up the street at 4-5:00 because of the sun glare. And it would be my fault if I hit one of these airborne morons who flew in front of my car. And it isn’t the skateboarding so much it is that they suck at it. For one thing they are practicing their tricks out in front of the church or in front of our house. Each time they land they invariably fall on the ground, almost always in the street. And I can see some poor old lady driving up the street and hitting one of these kids and being so upset about hurting them, and it wasn’t her fault. They have put cracks and chips on our granite wall and ruined a few of the church steps with their constant slamming down of their boards. So maybe a pellet gun shot in the ass is what they need because their parents didn’t put a boot in it and teach their children about private property.

Soapbox dismount!