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No, Thank You!

Look What I have

Today I received my raffle prize from Market Leverage. They had a raffle to coincide with the Bowl-A-Thon that they had to raise money for the Niemann-Pick Children’s Fund. I won a Fip Mino HD. It is pictured there with the Flip Mino HD that I bought recently and added my own branding to it. Allison is now the proud owner of a Market Leverage Branded Flip Mino HD. Look for it at IZEAFest 2009.

Since I don’t live in Orlando I was unable to be there in person so I decided to do my own little bowl-a-thon of my own. I did it playing Wii bowling. I had two great games too with scores of 181 and 191. People could sponsor me at $0.10 a pin (and yes Stephen that is how you sponsor a Bowl-A-Thon pins = points for sponsors). I’m not sure if anyone actually did but I hope so. I bought 10 raffle tickets and sponsored Tim Jones at the true Bowl-A-Thon.

I also sent down some Photo-A-Day Calendars and a couple of BenSpark.Com Hats. The hats went to Dina Riccobono and she had the hats for a little while. She gave up the hats so that one of the participants could take one of them home. However, she took a picture wearing one of them.

Dina Riccobono

Today I also received a card from the Stults family. That was really nice of them. All the thanks is not necessary I’m just so happy to help people who need help.

If you’d like to help a cause you can check out Be Responsible: Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs II. We are raising money for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer with the team Walking 4 2nd Base. The event is at the Speed of Thought Playhouse.

Hug your kids

Hug your kids
Photo-A-Day #1452

Just hug them and keep them safe. There was a major tragedy that was simply horrifying that happened in MA this weekend and the details of the case have made my heart so sick. Then I read about a tragedy in California and it is just so senseless. When I heard about these things the only thing on my mind was getting home and hugging Eva. I’d go through anything to protect her.

Tomorrow night in Florida there will be a group of people bowling to raise money for a family who would do anything to help protect their two sons. The Stults family is struggling very hard to raise money for treatments for their sons Brisan and Parker. Market Leverage is sponsoring a charity Bowl-A-Thon in addition to some BenSpark.com hats and Photo-A-Day Calendars I’m sponsoring one of the bowlers, my friend Tim Jones. While I cannot be there in person I am going to try and bowl with them on a virtual level.

Sponsor me as I Wii Bowl as a Virtual participant in the Market Leverage Bowl-A-Thon for Niemann Disease Pick Type C. Sponsor me at $0.10 a pin so we can raise money for the Stults Family and the Niemann Pick Disease Fund. Leave a comment letting me know that you would like to be a sponsor and then On Tuesday night as I Wii Bowl on Stickam I’ll let you know how many pins I knocked down.

* – # pins means # points at end of each game. So if I throw a spare and then knock over 3 pins I have a 13 in the 1st frame. If it was just pins my total possible score if I was perfect would be 100 but as we know in bowling a perfect score is 300, so the number for which you would be sponsoring would be the number of my score at the end of the game.

You can sponsor 1 game or two and then donate directly to the fund.