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Up on the Housetop

Up on the Housetop
Photo-a-Day #1355

Eva’s favorite Christmas toy so far. This plays two songs, Up on the Housetop and something else. Eva has found the “Press Here” button and played it non stop tonight. She would press the button and then go to her doorway and thing about going to the other room. then the song would stop playing so she would go back to the toy and start it up again. She was funny.

I caught a couple of good expressions too.


Reindeer's Pause.

On January 1 when people make New Year’s Resolutions I am making a 15 minute a day commitment to a brand new blog as well as a journey of learning. My new blog is called 15 Minutes a Day and it will be a blog with a yearly theme. I intend to attempt to learn something I know nothing at all about in 15 minutes a day throughout the course of the year. The 15 minutes is purely the time spent learning from the materials I choose. All blogging time and video time and other time spent working on the blog is extra. I was at a Christmas party and through the course of discussing this idea with a friend we arrived upon the idea that I learn Chinese (Mandarin). What I would really like to use to learn this is Rosetta Stone software but it is expensive. I decided upon three books to start my journey. The three books I would start with are:

Two of the books arrived today.

Two of my books came today

I’ll be Back Next Year!

I'll be Back Next Year!
Photo-A-Day #1302

Happy Halloween Everyone. Eva had a great time out Trick or Treating. She looked so adorable in her Winnie The Pooh outfit.

I lucked out with an early release from work. I got home and my sister Shelby was visiting. She and Tara took Eva for a walk and then they came upstairs with my mom so mom could give Eva her “1st Halloween” (that she’ll remember) gift. I took a bunch of pictures and then they left. Allison Eva and I had “Breakfast for Dinner”. I love having that, we did pancakes, bacon and tater tots (Stop and Shop brand are surprisingly awesome, and we have some tots for my friend Andy to dip into the Fry Sauce at the taste test tomorrow.)

After dinner we got Eva into her costume, she was Winnie The Pooh. We picked up the costume last year at the Disney Store for a total steal. If you buy Halloween costumes in November you usually get a steal. Once Eva was dressed we took her around the neighborhood. We stopped to see Memere 1st and then to see Auntie Tara and Uncle Erik. Then to our neighbors across the street and on both sides. Then up the street and we even met some people that we didn’t know. It was a very fun night and Eva was so cute and such a good sport being in that squishy outfit.

Check out my Halloween 2008 Flickr tagged set for the rest of the photos.