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Earth Day Petting Zoo

Photo-A-Day #1840

I was going to title this post “Nothing Better To Do” because for the past two Thursdays it seems like I’ve had nothing better to do than to put out fires. Today it was getting BenSpark.com back into a usable site. I was hacked and if you visited last night or anytime after 5:34pm yesterday you probably received a message that the site had malware on it. Getting hacked sucks. There is no good reason to do this to anyone other than to be malicious. It wasted so much of my time, time that could have been so much more productive. Continue reading Earth Day Petting Zoo

Do you have a Contingency Plan?

Photo-A-Day #1657

In my case I am usually the contingency plan for people. I’ve been the fallback guy for blind date balls, the anchor for kickball teams (that’s what the last guy picked is, right?) and one time I even got to speak at a conference because the original speaker became ill. Seriously though I am usually the guy called to fix up issues that no one else can fix. I am a walking contingency plan. That means that I can be counted on to get the job done, and done correctly. When you are the contingency plan then you get to do some cool things but you also get some high pressure things sent your way.

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