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My 500th Perfect Workout at Koko Fit Club

My 500th Perfect Workout
Photo-A-Day #4605

I’ve been going to Koko Fit Club since 2012. For the first year I was not very active at the club. There were months that I did not go and work out. Eventually I came around and started going very regularly. When I decided to get on it and commit I challenged myself to get 100 perfect workouts in a year. I achieved that goal. I had caught the bug and then I started doing the 12 X 12 X 12 challenge. That was to go to Koko 12 times a month and do twelve strength sessions as well as 12 cardio sessions. I was in the first group of people to get the first 12 X 12 X 12 badge. This badge I wear on my lanyard. I kept that up for a year and was part of the group that got the first year star badge. I’ve been part of this group since I started and I am 3 sessions away from getting my 4th star badge. I hit 1,000,000 Koko points. I also hit the milestone of 500 Perfect Workouts and I’m working on my next 500.

Recommit to Fit, Koko Fit Club that is

Photo-A-Day #3077

I had a Summer hiatus from Koko Fit Club. Not intentionally, really, just got busy with summer things and didn’t make the time to go to the gym. This week, today in fact, I went back to the gym and started a new workout track to get myself back into the groove. After such a long absence from the program I had to do a new strength test and it wasn’t pretty. My strength gain went way down after not working out all Summer regularly. I was in a good place before Summer started and I was all over the place. It is time to buckle back down and get Koko Strong.