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A is for Apple


Photo-A-Day #1311

Today we went to The Big Apple, no not New York. The Big Apple is a farm near us in Wrentham, MA. It is a working apple farm with apple cider, pies and fresh baked donuts. Allison and I decided that we needed to get some apples so that she could make applesuace, something that Eva loves. Also, Eva is a huge fan of fruit, she loves bananas (great), apples, peaches, pears and many others, I even picked her up a mango or two at the store today.

The trip is a quick one so we had time to sit on a bench and watch Eva attack and enjoy an apple. Allison made a tiny bite to get Eva started but once that was under way Eva had no problem powering through the rest, skin and all. While Eva ate I took photos of her, I think I should contact the apple growers coalition or something and see if they need a new posterkid.

Something really odd is going on when I try and write a blog post on The BenSpark. The Custom Field section is in a constant look for blog author. This only started happening after I imported 1797 posts from my wordpress.com blog to The BenSpark. Those posts came from my Blogger blog originally and I wonder if something got switched on and made this perpetual loop.

Either way I cannot write a post on The Benspark first. I have to write it somewhere like here on Utterli and then post to my blog then I can edit the post. It is so strange. IT works fine for my Photo-A-Day posts because I write an Utterli post first anyway but I usually write something completely different for The BenSpark. Of course I just realized that I could have written the top part on Utterli and the rest in WordPress. Oh well, live and learn.

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