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Photo-A-Day #1469

If I could get a job just giving away sweet fantastic swag I would be in total heaven. I love giving away prizes to people whether free or through raffles. Tomorrow night I get to give away a bunch of things. I have some IZEA Swag, 3 XShots, 5 Speeding Tickets and 2 Flip Ultras.

Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs II: Laughter for a Cause is tomorrow night and there is quite some buzz around it. With the Facebook page, Twitter contest and all the word of mouth advertising this is shaping up to be an incredible night. I stopped in to the Speed of Thought Playhouse and chatted with Christian. He’s really excited about the night ahead as well.

You can be a part of the event as well even if you cannot make it in person. You can be there live on Stickam. You can even participate by following me on Twitter @benspark. I’ll tweet out requests for suggestions and you can tweet back using the hashtag #bbbl2 and #icause.