Taking Time for Turtles

Photo-A-Day #2274

First thing this morning I took my kayak out onto Falls Pond. I hadn’t been out on the water in a while and I was asked by Kodak to make a little video. Kodak is making a compilation video of people talking about the Kodak line of video cameras. Specifically their line of “Play” cameras. I have two PlaySport Cameras and one PlayTouch camera. My video was for the PlaySport a digital video camera that is waterproof. Once that video is out I’ll post a link to it.

Remember that hot dog contest that Eva was part of? Well, the photo of her came in as a runner up (she was robbed) but we won a $100 gift card for supplies for a BBQ. That will be a nice meal.

My last day at the house for a while and I washed all the walls in the major rooms upstairs. I also took things out of the closets so that they can be painted and also be outfitted with better shelves and more.

The kitchen is all cleaned now and we’ve started moving things into the kitchen including things that we haven’t used in years because we couldn’t reach them. My sister Tara came over and helped do some cleaning of the kitchen and our friend Kelly came over with a beautiful piece of art as a housewarming gift. My friend Derek stopped over and got the grand tour.

For the past couple weeks I’ve had to record Geek Dads Weekly from the garage at the new house using Skype on my cell phone. It is not ideal but that has to be the way till we’re done working over there and moved in with wi-fi of our own.

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4 thoughts on “Taking Time for Turtles”

  1. She WAS robbed!! I’m protesting!! Glad she got a prize though:) Happy to see you got some kayak time too! I can’t wait to see the house in person:)

    1. Mo,

      She certainly was but we can still do a decent job of a cookout with the winnings. We’ll always have a spot open for you at the house.

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