Talking Action Figures

Photo-A-Day #2708

Occasionally I’m approached to promote a Kickstarter campaign, I don’t promote all of them but sometimes there are ones that I get very excited about. One campaign was The Hero Project- Action Figures of World Cultural Heroes. While the campaign did not reach its funding I made a connection with Wayne Losey from Dynamo Development Labs. Today I met up with Wayne at a local Panera to talk about social media tools, Action Figures and more.

Wayne showed me a figure that he had created through Shapeways called the Modibot Hex Figure Kit. This was a very cool item that he created using 3D modeling and Shapeways which takes 3D models and makes them with a 3D printer. I was very excited about this and spent some time playing with it and posing it and photographing it. While I was doing that I was showing Wayne how to use programs like Diptic, Over and Instagram. Today’s photo is of what I came up with while going through those programs and playing with the Modibot. The cool thing about it is that you can buy your very own one and Wayne is going to continue to create more accessories for it and what is cooler is that if you know 3D modeling you can create your own accessories as well. The possibilities for this are endless.

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