BenSpark’s Holiday Gift Guide Wizarding World Talking Dobby Plush from Wow! Stuff

Talking DobbyWelcome to my 2019 Video Holiday Gift Guide! This is a guide for parents to find great toys for their children for the holiday season. My friends at Wow! Stuff sent me a free Talking Dobby Plush to include in the Holiday Gift Guide. Opinions are my own.

Dobby is one of the more beloved characters in Harry Potter. This plush is official Harry Potter merchandise authorized and licensed by Warner Bros. Wow! Stuff does a great job of recreating props and more from the Harry Potter movies. They have made a very special Dobby here that looks like Dobby from the movies. He can sit or stand and measures at 40cm tall. Then you can press on his tummy and hear 6 different phrases including the iconic, “Master has given Dobby a sock”.

Dobby is for ages 3+ and has an MSRP of $34.99. Check out my video demonstration of Talking Plush Dobby below.

I am providing my affiliate link to this product to make it easier for you in your gift purchasing. It costs you nothing extra and it helps out the channel if you use our links.

WOW! Stuff Collection Harry Potter Dobby – Feature Plush with Sounds

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