Tasty Dinner At House of Fortune

Photo-A-Day #2308

Allison and I had a long day of moving (3 trips in the truck) and decided to head to house of Fortune for some California Shrimp Rolls and Sesame Chicken. It was nice to enjoy some time together. Eva is with her Mem and Grandfather which has made it much easier to move everything. We miss her but it is harder to get things done without an attack of the “Whys”. She missed us though and we miss her very much. she called and left a message that made us tear up a bit. I know she is having fun but being away is something new for her.

Allison and I went to Target after dinner to pick up a few things for the house. We got some cool stuff for Eva’s room and are going to try and get it all set up before she comes home, this might help ease her transition to a new house.

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4 thoughts on “Tasty Dinner At House of Fortune”

  1. I know what you’re going through; we are still not done with our move yet. We have until the end of August to get the rest of our stuff out of The House O’ Hags. We have a truck for this weekend, and we may need to get one again for the weekend of the 20-21. Seems like it will never get done, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Eva is lucky to have loving grandparents to be with while you guys move. I think she’ll adjust fine to a new house. She’ll love her new stuff, but can also take comfort in her familiar old toys and stuff in her new room.

  2. Yum fortune house! I called Eva yesterday from work to see how her first night was, she was having a blast. When I told her I was at work she said “at the Raw Bar”? She is too cute!

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