Teaching Eva Important History

Photo-A-Day #2386

Eva took Optimus Prime to school with her today for Show and Tell. Apparently she told her teacher that “This is Optimus Prime, he is very special to me.” Eva has wanted to know the story of the Transformers and she asks me to tell her the story often. So I figured that we’d start watching the G1 series together. I figure that if she is going to learn history then she’d better have all her facts in order.

Transformers has been a series (Toy Line, Cartoon, Comic Books and Movies) that I have loved since I was 10 years old. I’ve pretty much seen everything that has come out, read every comic I can possibly find and try to get my hands on every toy as well. Some day I’ll share the rest of my collection with Eva. Possibly when she is ten like I was when I got my first Transformers. Or maybe younger.

The thing that bridged the gap for us is the upcoming Transformers series on The Hub: Transformers Rescue Bots. With this series coming out there are a bunch of new toys that are great for little ones coming out as well. Eva and I have been playing with them since we gave them to her for her birthday. She makes sure that the toys sit with us when we watch the Classic cartoons together. I really hope that the new series is as entertaining as the My Little Pony series.

The one series that I have enjoyed that has combined the best from all of the Transformers series, toys and comics has been Transformers Prime. I finally got to see the final episode of the first season and it was amazing. It tied in with history from the original cartoon series to the recent comic book series and more. Of course without knowing all that history I would have not been able to get all the references found in the show. Some day Eva will be able to get all those references and my job as a geek dad will be done.

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