Tech Tuesday with BenSpark

Funny that I haven’t mentioned this on the blog yet. I am writing a weekly column for FuelMyBlog called Tech Tuesday with BenSpark. The things that I am writing there are simple instructions on all things internet. I have been having a great time writing and have already done three separate posts during the last three weeks. So it has been exciting and people have really responded to the posts that I have done so far.

To read them for yourself check out my post tomorrow as well as the previous three posts that I made for FuelMyBlog’s Blog.

Tech Tuesday with BenSpark #1 – Post about Favicons.

Tech Tuesday with BenSpark #2 – Post about Google Feed Reader

Tech Tuesday with BenSpark #3 – Post about Windows Movie Maker

Did you know that you can read the posts that I find interesting just by going to my share page for my Google Feed Reader. It is very easy to do

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