Test Driving a Chevy Corvette Convertible

At the Modern Media Man Conference I was able to test drive a Chevy Corvette hard top convertible. This was the last car that I drove on my “Fantasy Day” of test driving Chevy cars. This was one amazing ride. There was a heads up display and the option to do manual shifting (which I did not get the hang of) and the car was fast, very fast. I loved the ride and my co pilot was fun too. All the women and men of Chevy were fantastic to hang out with, I had so much fun.

I took the video camera along with me once again to capture the experience.

Chevrolet was an amazing sponsor for this event and I can’t thank them enough for supporting Dads and Dad Bloggers by being a sponsor.

Disclosure: – The video was shot on the versatile Kodak PlaySport camera that I received for free to film the Roger Williams Paddle back in July. I’ve quickly made it my favorite video camera and in a pinch still camera.

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2 thoughts on “Test Driving a Chevy Corvette Convertible”

  1. Sweet Ride! I can see myself in one of these in a few more years, but I still need a coupe so I can have a back seat. Maybe the new Camaro drop top will do…..

    Transitioning from 10 years of driving mini vans has been fun-I have a “ragtop tan” after this gorgeous summer!

    Check out Hot Dog Stories- our pirate adventure posts early Friday morning.


    1. Rob,

      I enjoyed taking this out for a ride although the Camaro was much more fun for me. I loved that car and would love to drive that all the time. It is not a family car but hey sometimes you have to live it up.

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