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I love gadgets and I find so much of my information about them online. When I want to find out what is the best product to purchase I go to the experts. There is a new site for some expert advice and that is called TestFreaks.com.

So I am interested in buying a large screen TV in the near future but I am not sure if I want a plasma or an LCD TV. I can turn to TestFreaks.com to see reviews on plasma vs lcd televisions. My problem of finding comprehensive information and advice is solved just by checking TestFreaks.com. Solved because they compile the best reviews from professional sources, blog and forums from all over the web.

In addition to a television I am interested in a video camera for podcasts and TestFreaks.com can help me out with that too by the information that they have in the camcorders section. Before I make another high tech purchase my first stop will be to TestFreaks.com

The site is not just about reviews there is also a forum for web-site developers too. If you are a web developer you can become part of this next generation consumer information site.

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  1. Nice idea, but there are many such services available today. Wize, Viewscore and in particular alaTEST.com (a million reviews from 12 countries…).

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