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Photo-A-Day #2403

Got off a thirteen hour shift because of the time change at 2am. I actually saw all my electronics hit 2:00am and then jump back to 1:00am. I won’t lie, that sucked a little. The thing is, I’ve been looking back on my work life and I recall when I was a Residence Hall Director and a Resident Assistant. I used to work on weekend nights and it was always a point of contention with students being able to stay longer in the dorms because of the time change. You see, we had inter-visitation policy called Parietals and that meant that boys could be in girls dorm and girls could be in boys dorms. Every year that was an issue and every year that I was in that position I worked that shift. So I guess that last night should have been no biggie. It actually wasn’t a big deal but it did make me tired.

I was so tired that when I got to my parent’s house I parked the car and reclined my seat and laid back. I was listening to the WTF podcast where Marc Maron was interviewing Chris Rock. I’m pretty sure that I heard the whole thing but I was actually asleep there in the car. When I woke up I noticed that Allison had parked right behind me and gone to Church. She thought that I had gone to Church already but I was there sleeping in the front seat. I woke up in time for the Responsorial Song so I didn’t oversleep too badly.

Had a fitful sleep day. The white trash neighbor was out all afternoon yelling at his kids, his dog and his life. What do you do about a neighbor that is shouting expletives all afternoon long? Call the police for disturbing the peace? I thought of that but then just figure that they will know that I called the police on them. Sadly our large hedge is not soundproof. If I could put up a soundproof fence I certainly would. He’s the worst. Swearing when he gets into his car, swearing immediately when he returns. His favorite phrase is “Shut the F up!” I can’t wait till Eva yells that and we have to have a talk about appropriate language. I was in bed on the other side of the house and could still hear him. Maybe next outburst the local PD will get a complaint call.

Oh and I understand the irony of me choosing to be entertained by a podcast called WTF and being offended but the use of that language by people in everyday life.

Tomorrow the city picks up yard waste. At 4:45 I started putting out all of my bags of leaves. It was light out when I started putting out the bags and it was dark, dark when I was done. I put out 19 bags of leaves and as I put them out I looked down the sidewalk and saw that it was once again completely covered with leaves. It made me think of the definition of insanity. “Repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

It was Light when I started putting these on the curb.

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4 thoughts on “Thanks for Noticing Fortune Cookie”

  1. Call the cops on the jerk. Chances are, you are not the only one he is annoying, so someone else may make the call before you do. So he might not know it was you who called, and the cops certainly will not tell him.

    I would keep an eye and an ear open on this guy, though. I’d be concerned that he might be beating his wife and/or kids. He may have a drinking/drug problem. I once had a white trashy neighbor who I once clearly heard beating the crap out of his kid (a little girl about Eva’s age). It was summer and everyone had windows open, and it turned out that I was not the only one who called the cops/CPS on this jerk. The child was removed from the home, and the loser guy and his bimbo girlfriend got evicted.

    Good luck!

  2. Loud neighbors are the worst!! I have some next door but the problem is the opposite of yours!! Instead of yelling they laugh. lol They go into their back yard EVERY night around midnight and laugh and laugh and laugh… its kind of funny at first but then when it gets to be 3am it gets old. Ive thought about calling the cops but then think of what I would have to say ” hi officer, my neighbors are laughing too much” So I never call and have to listen to it every night….

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