That’s a Tasty Bracelet

Thats a Tasty Bracelet
Photo-A-Day #2129

Eva went over to visit her cousin yesterday and they celebrated Chinese New Year. Eva was given a paper firecracker and inside of it was a bag of candies and a few other things including a noisemaker and a paper dragon. In the candy bag she had a candy bracelet. She wanted to eat it today and she had fun figuring out how to eat the bracelet. It was funny watching her figure it out.

This morning I recorded the Road to Thin Podcast with Daniel and Kevin. It was good to talk to the guys however none of us has been too happy with our progress and so we are doing a little wager this month. Each guy is putting up $25 and whoever loses the most weight can pick a charity to donate to. I think this will help the motivation a bit more and add some fun to the weight loss road.

This afternoon Allison and I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) at the Route 1 Cinema Pub. I enjoyed it well enough however I’m sort of ready for the series as a whole to end. The nice thing about the book was that Ron, Hermoine and Harry were together for the better part of the movie. That is something that the fans have wanted for a while now. So instead of bouncing from scene to scene and multiple people and muddying the story this was pretty well concentrated on the main characters. I’m thinking that I should probably re-listen to the series to really be up on everything in the last movie.

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  1. Yeah that was really good!! I’ve been folowing your blog since long and guess what I just even entered into blogging world.And, now I am also a proud blogger.
    Good luck to eva for future!

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