That’s One Way to Eat Spaghetti

Photo-A-Day #2684

Who knew that a company picnic would knock me on my butt so hard. Of course after the picnic yesterday I tried to get some sleep back at home before going back to work for my last night of the weekend. I got two hours.

Not Enough.

So I was a wreck today.

I slept till 11:35am from 8am when Eva and her friend Audrey screamed a welcome to Audrey’s brother Nate. I was up and wide awake after that. I decided to disassemble the Death Star with the help of Nate. He wasn’t much help but instead he built some very cool things with the parts that I wasn’t stuffing into 5 Glad 1 gallon bags.

There are a lot of LEGO bricks in that set. The set is pretty much 90% there, many figures are missing and I am sure a bunch of bricks are too. But heck, it was free and if anything they are bricks to use to create whatever we’d like.

The latter part of the day was spent going to Swansea to the Sears there to run down a lead on a good deal on a treadmill. The Online Sears Outlet had a Nordic Track Pro series treadmill for $499, almost $1,000 off. It was a pretty sweet treadmill but the problem is that I don’t think it would work well with the treadmill desk. I think I need something simpler. It isn’t like I’m going to be using many features on the treadmill anyway. So I will continue to look.

We took the kids to a restaurant and Eva got Spaghetti and Meatballs. We had to teach her a better way to eat though.

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