The Discerning Palate

Photo-A-Day #2963

Dinners with the kids have gotten even more exciting now that Andrew is making use of utensils. While they are no longer in his hands for the photo he is working very hard on using the kids spork. While he is doing well with this he is still a baby and so he ends up throwing the spork on the floor many times during the meal. Throwing the spork is one of his favorite dinner activities. The other is stuffing his little maw with anything he can grab.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Speaking of stuffing one’s maw I found this ice cream at Stop & Shop and had to buy it. I have been looking for some company to make a strawberry based ice cream with white chocolate chips. This was close enough though. It was pretty amazing ice cream, too. It tasted like chocolate covered strawberries. So now we are looking into how to make out own ice cream this summer because we have a bunch of flavors that we’d like to see made.

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