The Encounter

The Encounter
Photo-A-Day #1286

Today I head home from LA. I had booked a red eye so that I could hang out in LA for the day with some other bloggers. However, I didn’t have that itinerary for the trip till a few days ago so when I found out the itinerary things had already been planned and nothing was planned. So instead I got up and had a great breakfast at the hotel by myself. I was by myself because I turned in early last night while everyone else stayed out till 2:00am. I’m such and old fart.

I then watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles on The episode was called Goodbye to That. It was a great episode about Derek’s future and another member of the resistance. There was also another terminator an 888 that came after a person called Martin Bledell. I thought it was a pretty sweet episode.

I caught a twitter that one of the folks from the group was at breakfast so I went back down and hung out with everyone for a while. Then got back to the room to watch a little more and sadly it was the new Knight Rider. I like it, I admit it. It is a guilty pleasure.

I then caught up with the group again and this time I hopped a cab to the airport with a few of the other guys. I’m super early so I ended up at the airport with not much to do so I checked out the theme restaurant called Encounter. It is the cool place that overlooks the airport. It is that big oddly shaped building on the airport grounds.

I had calamari and some chicken wings. Both were pretty tasty. I then walked up to the parking garage to get this shot of the building.

Now I am hanging out int he airport watching the season premiere of Chuck. We missed catching that on the DVR because I didn’t have it properly set up in time. I’m going to try and work on my video from the interview yesterday.

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