The Fab Four – Part 1

At PostieCon 2007 I was asked at the last minute to jump onto the Fab Four Panel. I’m sure that many people were scratching their heads about who I was or why I was up there. You see, Tricia was supposed to be up there but she was sick that day. I would really have enjoyed listening to Tricia talk about blogging. She has one of my favorite weekly memes out there Green Thumb Sunday and she is a very good photographer and blogger. I was happy to get a chance to meet her later Saturday evening at Tao.

The folks on the panel were Karen from The Pond, Mr. Fab from Pointless Drivel and Colleen from Simple Kind of Life. Karen (#3) and Colleen (#1) are a couple of top earners for PayPerPost. Mr. Fab is a prolific writer of two blogs, hosts a radio show and sculpts with sculpey.and even posts occasionally on the IZEA blog. Me, I just run 5 blogs and some other cool stuff.

Anyway I had my new video camera with me and so I set it up and had Robyn and Peggy run it while I was on stage. I had to cut the video in half because of the size and I only got part one uploaded last night (this morning). I uploaded it to PodShow where I host my Wired Kayaker podcasts. Here is the video. Also I pumped up the sound because on the live feed people said I talked too low.

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6 thoughts on “The Fab Four – Part 1”

  1. That was a very informative video, I had no clue that Pay per post was that popular, I just started in on it about a month ago. Very cool. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing the video Drew, I really enjoyed watching it and listening to all the questions and answers. I also enjoyed seeing my sister Karen up there, almost live, as I haven’t seen her IRL for over 6 months. I look forward to watching part 2.

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