The First Avenger: Captain America

Photo-A-Day #2212

I’ve been thinking about Free Comic Book Day a lot lately. Last year I took Eva for her very first Free Comic Book Day. We went to WildTime Comics. I’ve been going there for nearly ten years now. Randy runs the shop and I enjoy chatting with him when I drop in to pick up my books. This year however I am attending Bloggy Bootcamp Boston that same day. I will also be starting my new job which is weekend nights. I explain that more in my Part Time Stay at Home Dad post.

Lately, I’ve had a more renewed interest in comic books and superheroes. Watching all of The Avengers: Earth’s Greatest Heroes episodes from 1-13 and the Green Lantern: First Flight movie. I’ve also picked up Future Foundation issues. When we move there will be moving of tons of my comics and I’m pretty sure that I’ll go back through them and do some past comic reviews. Who knows I might just fall in love with all my old comics all over again. And this summer there are so many comic book movies I cannot wait for like Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern and Transformers 3. I’ll be getting my Geek on Big Time!

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2 thoughts on “The First Avenger: Captain America”

  1. I just watched the trailer of this movie.I really like this trailer.Captain America is my favorite super hero all time.Now I am really excited that I will able to see him in a big screen.I am eagerly waiting for this movie.I hope it will break all previous records of Super hero’s movie.So lets hope for the best.You also can Download Captain America Movie here.

  2. It’s great to have hero with integrity and heart. I can’t wait for the premiere of ‘The Avengers’ next year!

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