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Photo-A-Day #2265

Today I delved deep into into the cleaning of the new house. I figured that with anything you’ve got to start at the bottom and work your way up. So I started in the basement. I took the shop vac over and some brooms. I swept and swept then began vacuuming the cobwebs and lots and lots of mouse poop. The basement was pretty well cleared out but there were a ton of poison traps and regular mouse traps all over the place. I took all of them down and found a couple of petrified mice. That was a bit gross but the worst was when I had clean and swept a whole area and then knocked a poison trap off the rafter and BAM! Mouse poop everywhere. More sweeping and more vacuuming.

As I vacuumed the cobwebs off the walls I also vacuumed off some of the walls. The walls are painted but they have some sort of plaster and it must have gone up a long time ago because it is peeling. So I sucked up everything in sign and that meant paint on the walls and the floor, cobwebs, mouse poop and who knows what. But once I was done that part of the basement looked and felt very clean. Tomorrow I have two more sections to complete and the cleaning part of the basement will be nearly finished. I’d like to wash the floors too.

While I did some cleaning Dad measured the rooms upstairs and then changed the locks on the garage. We’ve certainly got our work cut out for us over the next few weeks. Stripping wallpaper, washing and patching walls, patching ceilings and painting. We’re also considering refinishing the floors before we start moving things into the house. We’ve also got to tear out everything from the closets and set them up for our use. The closets are a mish-mash, I’ll have to photograph them before I start tearing them apart.

So my cleaning took me from 8am till 11:30 then I had to pick up Eva so Allison could work. Eva and I ran some errands. We picked up some Havahart mouse traps, garden hoses and some cleaning gloves. We also recycled an old printer, and various other electronics that no longer work. Eva and I also went over to Dot’s in Pawtucket and shared a small twist cone with Krunch Kote (Peanut Brittle).

After our trip for errands we met back up with Allison and she and I went to the house. Eva stayed behind with Memere. I mowed the lawn and met a few neighbors. The yard is decent size but the lawn itself is fairly small and only takes a half hour to mow. I’ll have to get a weed whacker over there too to take care of the spots that will need that. Weed Whacking will probably take longer than mowing ever will. Once we get everything together and the house is ready to go I’ll tackle the gardening. I think we will all tackle the gardening. The former owner left us her gardening books on the bookshelf. Allison tackled the cleaning of the bookshelf. We’ll fill that up quickly, very quickly.

It was a a very productive day at the new house.

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