The Future of Eva’s Room

Photo-A-Day #2275

Went over to the house today and cleaned the walls of the closets and the hallway in preparation of Dad coming to fix the cracks on the walls. while I did that Eva hung out on The MonkeyBed and played with the Ansel and Clair iPad app.

actually going to the house on Friday mornings with Eva is fast becoming our thing. We go over and have breakfast, I do some work while she plays and then today we added swinging on the porch swing together while I read chapters of Nancy Drew books to her. Tara brought over four Nancy Drew books that she got from Karen. The woman who owned the house before us didn’t end up leaving the Nancy Drew books for us. Eva was very sad about that. She wanted to read through ALL four books. I try to explain that they are chapter books and I cannot read all of them to her in one sitting. I go through one chapter and she listens great, but it is pushing things when we try for two chapters.

Eva was great with me at the house but her patience waned throughout the day. I think all of the time at the house and me working on it and having no time to play and Allison cleaning and having no time to play is wearing on her. She’s acting out and being very rude and sassy. I think our upcoming vacations will be a good thing, she’ll have some time and attention paid to her.

I uploaded a bunch of photos to the New House Set.

A nice little technology day for me too. I won a contest from Dad of Divas, Chris Lewis for a Windows Phone. The thing was that the phone I won was an AT&T phone so I told him that he should pick someone else because the sponsor didn’t have any Verizon phones. Well, I didn’t hear anything after that and today the phone shows up and to my delight and surprise the phone was a Verizon one. It is an HTC Trophy. I am looking forward to trying this one out and hopefully I can simply transition to this phone from my DROID without any issue.

I also received my Bloggie video camera. I got this one because I’m one of the TeleNav Navigators in Chief. This camera is pretty cool, it has a screen on the front and the back of the video camera. I’m still very solid int he KODAK camp and wish that they had one that does the dual screen thing though. Once I find a camera that does it ALL, well, then I guess I’ll be done, till the next latest advancement comes along. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “The Future of Eva’s Room”

  1. There are kids workshops the first Saturday of each month at Home Depot. I think Tyler still has the apron they give you. you get to build stuff and they give you badges for your apron, just like the employees. The only problem is by next year she would be showing you how to fix stuff.

    1. Lenny,

      I don’t have Saturdays anymore. So I guess I’ll have to do these workshops with Eva myself. Not sure what I’ll do about badges though.

      Badges… We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

  2. I look at this picture and wonder what you see… Do you see her as a pre-teen, laying on her bed, playing with the newest gadget or doing homework? I can imagine how a shot like this tugs at your heart… Hope you do have some great vacations planned before the new bundly of joy comes!

    1. Keri,

      I did picture Eva as a pre-teen, teenager, young woman home from college all rolled into one moment. Staggering.

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