The Life of Dad Mobile App Arrives in Time for Father’s Day!

Life of Dad App

Some days you just want to have a whole community of dads right at your fingertips. With the new Life of Dad App it looks like you have just that, anywhere. This new app is pretty awesome. You can connect with a bunch of other Dads and do some fun things together with them. You can also showcase your own photos of you and your kids to share with the community.

I have had the privilege of working with these great guys from Life of Dad on some awesome campaigns but it is the feeling of community and working together that has been the best experience. I’m excited that now access to these other dads is right on my phone. So that things like my experience with Andrew the other day could have been shared and discussed so that I could get some help and advice.

Take a look at all of features of the app in the press release below.


June 5th, 2017 – – Life of Dad continues its mission to celebrate the adventure of fatherhood by launching a new and improved app that provides tens of millions of fathers from around the world direct access to the Life of Dad community. Just in time for Father’s Day, the mobile app features three distinct and state-of- the art components, including a camera with themed filters, a community, and original content.

Life of Dad App

CAMERA: The camera feature includes fatherhood themed filters and customized frames bound to make any picture more exciting. To celebrate the launch of the new app, Life of Dad partnered with Disney. On June 3 rd , dads from around the country hosted father/daughter Beauty and the Beast screenings with red carpets, dinner, and unique photo opportunities thanks to the app! You don’t have to be a member of the community to use the camera feature, and photos taken in the app can be shared on other social media platforms or can be posted on any Life of Dad channels. Life of Dad co-founder Tommy Riles says, “When dads are with their kids, they are often out and about and taking photos. We wanted to provide them with something special to make their pictures more memorable. The filters we offer are similar to the ones on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook, but ours are made by dads for dads, so we’re confident our vibrant community will really enjoy them.”

Life of Dad App

COMMUNITY: Join using your Facebook account or sign up with an email address and you can be part of the Life of Dad activity feed and community. You MUST be a father to post or join the conversation with other dads, but once a member you’re able to participate as much or as little as you want. The feed is separated into two sections – the Trending Feed (most commented posts) and the Recent Feed (updated in real time). “We wanted to make it easy for busy dads to post photos, comments or ask questions about fatherhood. Having the activity feed and community element on the app allows them to be connected while they’re out living their lives.

They no longer have to be in front of their computer at home to see what’s happening on “Life of Dad,” says Tommy Riles.

ORIGINAL CONTENT: Life of Dad’s new app will feature the latest articles, videos, photos and podcasts with celebrities like LeBron James, Ice Cube, John Elway and Jim Gaffigan and it will all be available right at your finger tips. Fathers looking for entertainment and humor will find it easily accessible and they won’t miss out on any of its original content.


Life of Dad celebrates the adventure of fatherhood by bringing together a worldwide community of fathers and parents to find entertainment, humor and discussion. Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the website, Life of Dad showcases thousands of blogs, podcasts, videos, celebrity interviews and other creative content. As a social network, Life of Dad connects people around a shared experience of fatherhood and provides a safe place where they can seek advice and enjoy a sense of community.

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