The Modibot Kickstarter has Kicked Off

Imagine being able to build an action figure and a line of accessories for that figure on your computer and have them printed on a 3D printer and sent to your home. Well, for the past year or so my friend Wayne Losey, a toy designer, has been experimenting with Shapeways and 3D printing of his character called Mo, the Modibot. He’s been creating accessories like shields, weapons, hats, armor and even more pieces for the figure. Now he’s started a Kickstarter campaign ( to get Mo into your hands.

So imagine getting a Mo figure. Suppose you want to have an accessory for Mo, you can look at all the pre-made pieces to print through Shapeways or if you know how you can even design your own pieces and have them printed. The possibilities for accessorizing are only limited to your own imagination. Take a look at the Kickstarter Video.

I funded the project I can’t wait to get my Modibot 5 Man action team. The campaign is less than two days old and it is already 1/4 funded. Let’s get Mo made! I hope that you also back the project.

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