The PFD.

It is time for a new PFD. I have had mine for quite some time and it isn’t as functional as I thought it was when I was standing in EMS all those years ago. I’ve also read that PFDs should be changed every couple of years as well. Something about them breaking down and losing buoyancy. What I didn’t realize is that most PFDs are made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Mine is one of those that was made with PVC.

So now that I am going to be looking for a new PFD soon I want to look for something that is going to be more environmentally friendly. Patagonia makes PFDs and they are using a new material that is environmentally friendly. The material is called Gaia (after mother earth) and it is soft and molds to the paddler rather than fits like a giant block of foam. My current PFD is a giant block of foam. At least that is what it feels like when I paddle with it these days.

So when I go to replace my PFD I am going to test out a few of them for comfort and maneuverability, as well as safety. But the main point is that I am actually going to test them out because I ended up buying my first one because it looked cool rather than how it felt when I paddled.

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