The Piano

The Piano
Photo-A-Day #1402

Eva has really enjoyed the piano at Memere’s house so today when we visiting Fr. Dave at the rectory we saw that he also had a piano. Or rather, Eva saw Fr. Dave’s piano and she kept saying “puh, puh” which is her word for piano. She loves playing it so she went towards it. I scooped her up so she wouldn’t go over to it.

Later as we were talking to Fr. Dave my mom mentioned that Eva like to play with her piano. The piano itself is out of tune and Fr. Dave said that his was as well. After that Eva was getting ancy so she walked towards the piano room. I followed her and propped her up on the stool and took a few shots as she played with the keys. She was very careful not to bang on the keys too. Well as careful as a 16 month old can be. Really, she actually uses her fingers and not her entire palm or fist.

Little Fingers

I also talked to Fr. Dave about the book Combinations by Ed Gerety. I just bought my Church a copy of the book so that the 8th Grade class of the school that is associated with the church Saint Mary Sacred Heart (My grade School) can use it with an 8th grade retreat. I love the book and the message and paying it forward and sharing it has become very fun for me especially when people enjoy the book.

Speaking of enjoying things, Allison made spaghetti squash for dinner tonight along with her mom’s recipe for meatballs and sauce. It was delicious! And spaghetti squash won’t spike my sugar like pasta. Nice. And if you are wondering what Spaghetti Squash is, it is really squash that when cooked is stripped apart and resembles spaghetti and with a little sauce it is really tasty.

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