The Promise of Spring.

Photo-A-Day #2903

One the very first day of Spring 2013 the snow is still on the ground in places but it has started to melt. I looked around to see if I could find some sprouts and finally found a few poking up near the garage.

The new sprouts weren’t the only changes around here. On the very first day of Spring 2013 we finally put away the rest of the Christmas decorations. The kid’s trees stayed up for a little while after Christmas and then it was a little while longer and a little while longer till finally it got more than a little comical. So when I took Eva to school today Allison took down the trees. James helped and took down the glass ball ornaments. He jumped up and knocked the tree down into the ornaments. He broke a bunch of glass balls and damaged a couple other ornaments. Luckily the ones that we cared most about survived intact. Next year we’ll take them down a lot sooner.

Shoot, just looked outside, I still haven’t taken down the lights.

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