The Rhytm Room

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Today we took Eva over to Showcase Live to see The Rhythm Room a very interesting musical group that goes around the country playing for as well as educating students of all ages. The group uses percussion instruments from all over to create a unique sound. Eva loved it. She was up on the seat dancing and clapping.

The event was a fund raiser for local schools, I think. My mom gave us the tickets this morning along with a copy of The Entertainment Book. The book of coupons that you can buy and it pays for itself after one or two uses. However it is only good until November 1st. We did make use of it tonight because we went to the Moose Cabin for dinner after the event.

That was also after we stopped by my Uncle’s house so I could pick up my new wedding ring. Yes, after 4 months the ring is back on my finger. It has been gone long enough that it is feeling weird back on my finger. the whole time it was missing I would run my thumb around my ring finger out of habit. Now with the new ring all the edges have that brand new feel and it just feels weird having it back. I’m certainly happy to have it back though.

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4 thoughts on “The Rhytm Room”

  1. Sounds like Eva and you guys had a great time last night. That is awesome. Glad to hear you got your ring back. My ring has not been off for more then 5 minutes since we were married 8 years ago. It would be way weird not to have it for 4 months.
    .-= Look at what Rob wrote blog ..Sunday MckLinky Edition =-.

    1. So glad you finally have your ring back on. It will only take a couple days and you won’t think about it again. I haven’t worn my rings for many years now because I was afraid I would lose them or have to have them cut off. They would be too lose and then my hands would swell and they would be too tight. So I just put them away in my jewelry box.
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      1. Baba,
        Yeah I know, but right now it is all rough and sharp because of all the engraving on it. I have to go get it appraised and insured again. Fun.

    2. Rob,
      Eva really loved the rhythm room, it was her sort of thing. She loves drums. I hadn’t had my ring off either except I had lost a little weight and was afraid I’d gain it all back so I didn’t get the ring sized. And then well, whoops.

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