These Wonderful Kids – Father’s Day 2021

These Wonderful Kids
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I’m very lucky to be the dad of these two wonderful kids. They make me so happy to be a dad.

Eva is such a creative spirit. This past year she has learned how to sew, she’s creating things with Pop Tabs and doing so many creative things. She’s also become so much more confident in herself and she is crushing it in her Jr. Krav Maga classes. I cannot believe that next year is her last year of grade school. We can always chat about things together.

Andy has been becoming much more independent. He loves to cook and express himself through his creations. Andy is also very skilled with computers. He loves creating things in Minecraft and Bloxels. He is also helpful to his friends and fellow classmates. Andy continues to improve in his karate skills. We are working more on talking together. Andy also loves to create with clay. He’s learned all sorts of things through Outschool and he’s even teaching his friends.

Me with the kids

I’m very fortunate to have these kids in my life. It was a nice Father’s Day and the kids and Allison were very thoughtful to me. Nice cards and a great dinner to enjoy together.

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