This is your Notice: You’ve been Burned

Michael Westen is a former CIA operative. I say former because the man was fired. And when you are fired by the CIA like Michael was you are totally burned. I don’t know exactly why he was fired but here is what I think…

Michael was assigned to assassinate a well known dictator. Mired deep undercover he is discovered as a spy because of his intense addiction to Pez Dispensers. Michael find a rare Pez Dispenser and as he is popping a piece of candy he begins to choke and is saved by a beautiful rival operative who happens to be the daughter of this dictator. Michael and she become romantically involved, all the while unaware of who the other is. Then one day Michael completes his mission and inadvertently leaves his Pez Dispenser behind. The woman realizes who assassinated her father and Michael is compromised. The only thing that can happen to him now is that he is fired by the CIA. What will Michael do now.

I am sure that the reason behind the firing is something much more involved than that and it looks like it was a set up too. After reading the true synopsis of the show I can see that Michael was fired and it probably was a set up. Michael now needs to come up with a way to survive and also find out why he was fired and who set him up. You can see the true story behind the firing at

USA Network’s new cable show called Burn notice is premiering next Thursday at 10:00pm. I went to the website and took a look at everything I could about the show and it looks like USA has another winner on their hands. I’ve been a huge fan of USA’s original series PSYCH and I think that USA Network’s Burn Notice is going to be a welcome addition to the cable network’s lineup.

With a summer filled with reality show garbage it is great to see a new and original series on TV. Here’s what I know I am going to like. The show will be action packed and it will be funny. How do I know this, I watched a bunch of interview videos and read the synopsis of the episode and Bruce Campbell is a part of the cast. Yes, the Bruce Campbell. He is the man and he is going to be a riot in the show.

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2 thoughts on “This is your Notice: You’ve been Burned”

  1. LOL! That Pez dispenser thing just cracked me up! I collect Pez dispensers, why didn’t I think of that for my post?

    The rare one must have been Woody from “Toy Story”. I have Buzz Lightyear already, but have been having a devil of a time finding poor old Woody!

    Great post! 🙂

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