Thursday night Awesome TV…

May be spoilers. You have been warned.

I got home yesterday in time to watch the usual Thursday night lineup but this week was extra awesome because LOST returned, new night, new time.

My Name is Earl: Killerball – Earl is booted out of Camden County Hospital. He’d been there a month and they needed a bed. Unfortunately when decision time came as to what to do with Earl, Randy was the one in charge. Earl could have gone to a long term care facility or Randy could get $2000 in Camden cash and some paintball, well Karma gave Randy paintball and he was all over that. Keeping up with the idea that the more things get crossed off the list the better Earl will get Randy decided to try a few more of the items. First Randy tried to make up for making a neighbor late for work. Making the guy late for work one time got him totally screwed. He lost his job, his girlfriend and his dignity. He was probably the only guy int he trailer park who had a job too.

The second thing that Randy tried was to make up for stealing from some neighbor kids. Randy and Earl stole their wheelchairs. So when Randy went to the Wheelchair bar to find them and try and make it up to them we find out what happened to those kids that day. It wasn’t pretty. But we get to see what happens when Randy finds something funny and Earl isn’t around to make him stop. What followed was an obscenely long fit of uncomfortable laughter from Randy.

By the end of the episode Randy and Earl have completed two more things on the list and have improved the lives of 5 more people in Camden County. That was enough for Karama to decide that the coma Earl Storyline should end and Earl woke up. So where is Billy? She’s been in the TV show in Earl’s mind but what of her now?

Scrubs : My Dumb Luck
J.D. And Turk are able to diagnose a patient of Dr. Cox’s that Dr. Cox had been unable to diagnose for over 2 years. And it was all because of the dumb luck of J.D. And Turk that they were able to find the answer. That wasn’t the big deal on the show tonight although it did set up some great moments between Dr. Cox, J.D. and Turk. “Poke the Bear” was great and the bungee cord revenge as even better. Both times J.D. got the full brunt of the revenge.

But tonight we saw the last day of Dr. Kelso’s career as Chief of Medicine. Bobbo decided to leave on his own terms, only after the doctor’s rallied behind him to save his job. And Bob said shove it, took his self commissioned photo off the wall and left. Way to go Bob.

You can watch the episode on Hulu. Scrubs episodes cannot be embedded for some reason.

The Office – Night Out

Jim, Jim, Jim, you are slipping. Jim has so many great ideas but he is still a slacker and so the details pass him by. Tonight Jim comes up with a great idea of having everyone work a little later so that they do not have to work on a Saturday fixing the Dunder Mifflin Infinity website orders mistakes. Great idea Jim. But what Jim failed to do was notify security that everyone was working late. Next thing you know the whole team is locked into the parking lot. This set up a few awkward moments where Toby really shined. He made many overt attempts at Pam including offering to teach her how to throw a football. Pam says that she knows how to throw and proceeds to nail Meredith in the face. Man that was funny. Later Toby tells everyone that he is moving to Costa Rica and he puts his hand on Pam’s knee and starts to stroke it with a finger, he realizes what he is doing and then gets up and tells everyone that he is going to hop the fence and jog home. And I think he’ll just keep on running straight to Costa Rica after that faux-pas.

Jim also rids the office of Michael and Dwight so they can actually get something done. Michael decides to go clubbing with Ryan in New York. And when Dwight and Michael find Ryan he is ecstatic that they are there. Ryan may be on something a little stronger than alcohol because he is a mess. I love how someone commented on Ryan’s “half-beard”. Ryan introduces the guys to his friend, and Dwight immediately takes him for a Hobbit, a funny and uncomfortable joke. Dwight is the Man at the clubs too. Despite insulting the college Basketball team he still gets them all in the club, then he dumps out the drink the girls sent to him, he makes out with one of the girls and at the end says to the guys he is not calling her. Yep, when Michael started talking about swingers he didn’t realize that Dwight would be so, MONEY.

Best. Night, Ever

Lost – The Shape of Things to Come

First off, this episode provided us with some answers. We learn how Sayid would be working with Ben. We learn that Ben did steal Alex from an insane woman (we knew that but to have Ben say it was shocking). We are getting a hint at Jack’s growing drug problem (maybe, the previews for next week show that Jack has appendicitis which sucks for him as he is the only real doctor around). I thought we would learn how Clair ended up staying on the island but she survived the Rocket attack on her house.

This was a Ben Centric Episode. Ben starts off in the Sahara Desert, he ambushes a couple of guys and take their horse. He ends up in Tunisia and then later Iraq. He follows the funeral of Sayid’s wife and is also tracking a man who was most likely responsible for the murder of Sayid’s wife, Nadia. Yes, Sayid finds Nadia after he leaves the island and marries her only to lose her when she is murdered. This completely crushes his spirit and replaces it with anger and vengeance. Sayid is so angered that he kills the man responsible and decides to work with Ben to get the rest of the people on “The List”.

On the Island the Doctor from the ship washes up on shore, he has his throat cut. Bernard finds him washing in on the tide. For some reason there is no longer communication with the boat via the satellite phone (I for get what happened to it) so instead the team at the beach rigs up Morse code to contact the ship. Jack is still a good leader because he sees that Bernard might know Morse code so he asks Bernard to eavesdrop on the conversation that Daniel Faraday has with the boat. We also learn that no, the people on the boat never intended to save the survivors. Did anyone else think that maybe the guy who floated up was Patchy, and he was miraculously alive?

In the camp we see a team of mercenaries who captured Alex, lead by Keamy get into the compound by having Alex disable the perimeter fence. A phone rings with a message, it is early warning. Locke and Sawyer go and tell Ben. Ben knows what the message means and gets everyone to his house to barricade the doors. Well, everyone but Claire and 3 random survivors who are gunned down one after another. Sawyer goes after Claire and sees her house blown to bits with a rocket. He finds Claire and she is still alive. He takes her back to Ben’s house but cannot get in until Hurley, hurls a chair through a window.

The mercs send Miles into the house with a radio so they can communicate with Ben. The guys have Ben’s daughter. A standoff occurs between Ben and Keamy. Ben attempts to negotiate and mess with Keamy’s head but it doesn’t work. Keamy kills Alex. This deeply affects Ben. For Ben the entire game has changed and because of this Ben unleashes the Monster on the mercs. Another mystery revealed, Ben can communicate with the monster or at least summon it. We still have no clue what it is. The remainder of Team Locke head off to find Jacob’s cabin. Sawyer, Miles, Claire and Aaron defect but Ben and Locke need Hurley and sawyer and Locke draw down on each other. Hurley doesn’t want to see any more death so he agrees to stay with Locke and Ben. Sawyer vows that if Hurley is hurt in any way he will personally kill John Locke.

In the flash forward Ben confronts Charles Widmore in his penthouse home. They argue and Ben is now on the search to kill Penny Widmore. Charles killed Ben’s daughter and so Ben is going to return the favor. Why Ben didn’t just kill Charles was odd. But I guess he wants Charles to feel the anguish that Ben felt when his daughter was killed. Next week we get a Jack centric episode, the first one of the season.

You can watch the episode online at

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  1. When Pam pegged Meredith in the face, that was classic. Then every time we saw Meredith the injury was increasingly worse and no one said a word about it. I loved it!!

    I still can’t get over the Toby incident…I don’t think we’ll see him again.

    Lost shocked and confused me…like any other night:)

    Mo’s last blog post..33

  2. That was classic, she is the Kenny of the Office. And Toby, man that was so funny.

    Lost was awesome, I have to watch again.

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