Tickets, Please!

Tickets Please
Photo-A-Day #1797

Meet the newest Superstar of the Edaville USA website. Back in the Fall Allison, Eva and I went to Edaville for Storybook Friends Day. While we were there I took a ton of photos. A few of these photos caught the eyes of the folks at Edaville. They asked me if I would let them use some photos for the promotional materials including the website and The Edaville facebook fan page.

I was more than happy to have a company use my photographs for their promotional material, especially a place that we enjoyed spending our time and money. However, I do recognize that my photos are certainly worth a good trade. So, when I was approached for the pictures I asked for tickets for Allison, Eva and I to return to Edaville this summer or Fall. We had a great time and I’m really excited to take more pictures. We have to get down there for a Winter trip too because the light show should be fun to photograph, too.

Allison is over there in the background working on my sweater. She is making me a replica sweater that Wash wore in Firefly. And she is using the handmade custom “I’m a Leaf on the Wind” stitch markers that I got her for Christmas. I can’t wait for my Wash Sweater.

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6 thoughts on “Tickets, Please!”

  1. She’s adorable. Is this one yours? How old is she? Kids always photograph so much better than we adults do. They are so much more natural and they don’t try to pose etc.


    1. Sandy,
      Yes, Eva is ours and she is very photogenic. Her real personality shines in her photos. Thanks for the comment.

    1. Deborah,
      I certainly will model that sweater. I’ll be wearing it often. Thanks on the photos, they were fun to shoot.

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